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copyright collecting societies e regole di concorrenza. un'indagine comparatistica

20) Ugo Mattei Il Common Law Il convegno triennale della Società Italiana di Storia del Diritto offre l'occasione per una visione d'insieme del diritto dall'età greca ...

Studiare diritto comparato | Studiare Diritto Facile Consigli pratici su come affrontare lo studio del diritto comparato: l'uso dell'indice come bussola per orientarsi nei contenuti.


copyright matters imitation creativity and authenticity in contemporary chinese literature

David Wang: On Modern Chinese Literary Culture Professor David der-wei Wang's opening Humanitas lecture, 'From Mara Poet to Nobel Laureate: On Modern Chinese Literary ...

What is Chinese Literature | WEI KANG TEO | TEDxSUC His speech is talk about the background of chinese literature and how the literature makes the effects

copyright unfair competition and related topics bearing on the protection of works of authorship 2013 statutory

Relationship of Section 1201 to Copyright Infringement, Consumer Issues & Competition The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), codified in part in 17 U.S.C. §1201, makes it illegal to circumvent technological ...

U.S. Intellectual Property Law-Unfair Competition Unfair competition as type of intellectual property;

Antitrust Rule of Reason Per Se Illegality Antitrust Rule

copyright 2011 pearson education inc publishing as longman

Book ‘em: Feds threaten small publisher with six-figure fines over obsolete law What should the government give a small publishing company that is dedicated to bringing long-forgotten books to a broader ...

Pearson Longman Days 2010 - Trailer Sintesi dell'evento del 2 febbraio 2010 a Milano Relatori: Rob Dean Graham Smith Russel

copyright and mass digitization

Copyright Implications of Mass Book Digitization [audio] Dec. 19 (Bloomberg Law) -- In "Legal Issues in Mass Digitization," the United States Copyright Office provides a comprehensive ...

Copyright in the Era of Mass Digitization

Orphan Works 8: Extended Collective Licensing & Mass Digitization Several foreign countries have laws that address mass digitization